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Art Director, Music Producer, Photographer, Videographer


+1 6172597988

+86 17710525223



28-30 Jackson Ave, 11101, NY

Date of Birth:

May 31st, 1999

A Bit About Me

Welcome to the creative universe of Yiran Zhao! A Berklee College of Music alumnus, I've danced with melodies and visuals, crafting stories that echo in the heart of the audience. My journey has led me through the bustling corridors of China's top animation studios, music labels, and fashion houses, where I've played many roles - Art Director, Music Producer, Videographer, and Photographer. I'm a maestro of Adobe's creative suite and DaVinci Pro, and with a Google Project Management certification under my belt, I juggle creativity and deadlines with equal flair. So, step in, let's weave some unforgettable narratives together.

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